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How To
Clean Up Your Family Accounts


Your Service's Finances Are A Mess...

OK. I may be jumping the gun here.

But I'm guessing if you're looking at a solution for cleaning up your family accounts, they aren't going to be as spick-and-span as you'd like.

Or maybe you're just really on top of things and looking for an opportunity to manage your accounts even better than you already are. If you are, then kudos!

But chances are, you're not sure if you're doing the right things, and you're worried that you're spending too much time on admin and might even be losing money. If that's the case, you've come to the right place.

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Signs You Need To Change How You Manage Family Accounts

  • You're spending too much time on admin

  • Families are constantly questioning invoices

  • You're having to rectify invoices, accounts and CCS

  • Families keep getting 0% CCS and you don't know why (and neither do they)


Why You Need This Guide

Making processes efficient is what we do.

Having served thousands of early childhood services with software to help their CCS, billing and family accounts (amongst other things), we've identified common mistakes that 90% of services make.

These mistakes - if you employ them - could cost you thousands of dollars in time and money lost.

Now, you don't want to make these mistakes do you?

So why not download this FREE guide that could literally make your service more financially viable than you could have imagined.



Yes! You aren't obliged to use any of our products, or pay for any extra information.

We're just collating some of the advice we've gathered from working with lots of childcare centres across Australia.

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