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3 Reason To Outsource Your CCS Accounts Administration

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Outsourcing is a common practice among small businesses. A lack of qualified personnel, insufficient capital to employ extra staff and a limited workload means that 37% of small businesses outsource some kind of work to other companies.

This is no different in Early Childhood Education & Care (ECEC).

In many small-to-medium sized organisations, Centre Directors are left with the majority of the accounts administration workload. For those who got into the sector to improve the learning outcomes of the children in their care, the reality of sitting at a desk looking at a series of numbers is a nightmare they're now living.

If you're a provider who is considering outsourcing your CCS Accounts Administration, here are 3 reasons why you might be on the right track.

You're Spending Too Much Time on Managing Your CCS & Accounts

In a recent survey, we found that the average Director spends 3hrs per week managing CCS-related matters within OWNA (compared to 4hrs for those not using OWNA for CCS).

Although this might not sound like a lot, the discrepancy in the results was huge. Whilst around half of respondents spent less than 2hrs per week on CCS-related matters, around 17% said they spent in excess of 6 hours each week managing their accounts & CCS.

Such differences in the administration abilities of directors and other staff can lead to huge additions to the wage bill. This inefficiency is exacerbated by those who are already overworked & complete various tasks whilst working overtime.

It's important to look at your spending in relation to CCS Accounts Administration, and assess whether outsourcing to more experienced administrators may be a more cost-effective solution.

Your Service Is Lacking Attention In Other Areas

Let's face it. If your Directors or other qualified educators are stuck doing admin, chances are they're not being utilised to their best skillset.

Educators spend lots of time learning, going on placement and preparing to be educators before they're qualified. And after that, they get ongoing experience and professional development.

Simply put, educators are best when they're educating. Not when they're doing admin.

Of course money matters in every business, but if you're putting too many resources into the financial aspects of your service at the expense of the quality of education, it may be time to look at outsourcing your CCS Accounts Administration.

You Don't Have the Capital or Workload to Employ an Accounts Administrator

Small services with a handful of staff and families can't justify employing a part-time administrator to do payroll, accounts & more. This can lead to those duties falling on the shoulders of current staff, resulting in an overstretched workforce.

Outsourcing Accounts Administration is a happy alternative for those with just a few hours required each week.

At $79 per week, OWNA's CCS Accounts Administration service would cost less than employing an entry-level administrator for 3hrs. And given that your accounts administrator would be the same entity as your CCS provider, you can be safe in the knowledge that the process will be reliably-managed.

Why not see if CCS Accounts Administration is for you? Find out more here.

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