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CCS Enrolment Statuses, Explained

There's no better feeling throughout the enrolment process than getting a CONFIRMED message on your enrolment status.

CONFIRMED means CCS is ready to go, and you can start receiving subsidies on behalf of the family.

But what happens in between? And what do all of the other statuses mean?

Let's go through each enrolment status and what you need to do to start receiving CCS.



  • WHAT THIS MEANS: The enrolment notice has been submitted, but it is missing information such as parent CRN or DOB.

  • WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE: The service needs to gather the correct information and submit another enrolment notice.


  • WHAT THIS MEANS: The enrolment is yet to be confirmed by the primary carer

  • WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE: The primary carer needs to go into MyGov and confirm the enrolment to start receiving CCS.


  • WHAT THIS MEANS: The primary carer is not yet eligible to receive CCS.

  • WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE: The primary carer needs to either apply for CCS, or if they have already done so, they need to provide more information to the department to receive their eligibility.


  • WHAT THIS MEANS: The perfect scenario. The family can receive CCS immediately.



  • WHAT THIS MEANS: The primary carer has identified an error in the enrolment (days, fees etc.).

  • WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE: If the service does not believe there is an error, they need to speak to the primary carer and negotiate what the change to the enrolment notice should be. If it is simply a clerical error, the service should correct it. After negotiating or correcting the enrolment notice, it should be resubmitted.


  • WHAT THIS MEANS: The primary carer has rejected the enrolment notice, usually because they have changed their mind about enrolling at the service.

  • WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE: If the family has not already spoken to the service about the matter, the service should get in touch with the family about the status of the enrolment. If the family still wishes to enrol at the service, the enrolment notice should be resubmitted.


  • WHAT THIS MEANS: The child is no longer enrolled at the service, or has not attended the service in 14 weeks.

  • WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE: If the family wishes to come back, a new enrolment notice should be submitted. In certain cases (like COVID-19) the department may allow services to submit a $0 session to avoid the enrolment ceasing.


Submitting the enrolment notice is just one part of the enrolment process.

For more information on the enrolment process, see my previous article.

You can also purchase my course - The Complete Guide to CCS 2022 - for more understanding around CCS, enrolments and more.

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