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erly Acquires Saasu Accounting, Creating a Complete Business Offering

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

OWNA Corp, the makers of emerging workforce management platform WORKR & established childcare management software OWNA, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Saasu - the cloud accounting platform designed for small businesses, online businesses & startups.

"Last year, we released our workforce management platform WORKR. Our goal was to build out this software to include everything a small business owner needs to run their organisation," explained CEO & Founder Kheang Ly. "Having added features across asset management, project management & HR, we were working hard to make this a reality. However, we knew that development in these areas would only take us so far, and we always had a longer-term vision of adding an accounting arm to the platform. And that’s where Saasu came in."

Saasu serves tens of thousands of small businesses, helping them to manage their invoicing, expenses, cash flow forecasts, inventory, bank connection, tax liabilities and single touch payroll. Their employees, based out of their Sydney office, will now head to OWNA HQ in Sydney's North West to join the rest of their new team ahead of the acquisition.

"I personally have had a long relationship with Marc Lehman (Founder/CEO of Saasu) and came to know just how valued the Saasu platform was to its customers.

"When we decided to add accounting software to the fore, it was a no-brainer. But then came my dilemma in figuring out how to introduce this established brand into our platform."

Saasu & WORKR Becomes erly

The OWNA Corp team decided that WORKR & Saasu would come together and merge into a completely new brand, erly - Accounting with Everything.

Housing these two powerhouses under one platform means that business owners can benefit from having one single source of truth for everything they need in their business - an increasing concern for growing organisations as they look to simplify their software usage.

The goal at erly is to give small businesses the means of achieving the same level of efficiency and productivity as large corporations.

Instead of needing complex IT departments to manage multiple systems, erly is doing the work so that entrepreneurs can focus on growing their businesses.

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