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ICYMI: NEW Customised Programming Is Now LIVE!

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

For a while, we've told you that OWNA lets you run your service how you see fit, which is a big part of our philosophy.

But we couldn't say that honestly without giving you the ability to fully customise the most important part of your education service - the education.

That's right! Who thought education would be the most important part of an education service?

Not the regulations.

Not the red tape.

Not the hoops you have to jump through to get govt approval or a rating from ACECQA.

In the midst of all the changing rules, updated regulations and endless department announcements, we thought it was time to go back to basics and let you reclaim the power when it comes to curriculum programming.

But that's enough of us patting ourselves on the back.

Let's get into what this means for you.

The Limitations of the Previous Programming Function

When we first did programming, we just listened to services and added in the features they wanted.

After a while, we realised that, instead of us building things for you, it's easier for us both if we let you build it yourself.

Here's what the old programming functions focused on, which it really shouldn't have:

  • Limited Programming: the only way to do programming before was in a weekly format, with static fields, or you could upload a PDF

  • Static Text: you couldn't change headings to reflect the language you use in your centre

  • Fixed Number of Fields: either too much or too little depending on your service, but never just right

  • Categories Table: it didn't correctly capture the children that were evaluated.

  • Parent Involvement: parents couldn't see which category or day of the program their child was involved in to give the appropriate feedback

  • Linking Posts: it was hard to see which category of the program posts were linked to

What You Can Do Now

Fear No More!

Now you have a solution that allows you to take full control of your program, as well as how you document against that program.

Custom Programming now lets you:

  • Build a program in any shape or form

  • Customise every row, column & experience

  • Customise the language in every field so it reflects the language of your service

  • Mark fields mandatory to ensure educators fill them out fully

  • Add, remove or customise any field as you see fit

  • Choose which fields are displayed to, or hidden from, parents

  • Share templates across services, so you can ensure consistency within groups

  • Post evaluations and feedback against specific experiences within the program, against specific children

The customisation really is endless.

How It Works

When building the curriculum, the Programming Template is what you start with. The template is what you customise for the whole program.

Within every programming template is a Programming Matrix, which allows you to customise all of the rows, columns, field and experiences.

Experiences - or the cells as we call them in the template - can be edited through the Experience Template Editor.

You can then view everything in your program through the Summary View. This shows you all of the posts, images, experiences, parent feedback and statistics.

And finally - if you wish - you can print this out in a user-friendly format from Print View.

Getting To Know Custom Programming

Now that you know the basics of the new programming feature, it's time to get comfortable with it.

You can take a look at the training we've done with OWNA centres here.


You can get straight into the portal and have a go. We've built some pre-made templates for you to use.

Don't have a login?

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