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What Happens When An Enrolment Changes?

Enrolments are subject to the agreement between 3 parties: the family, the service and the department (Services Australia).

When an enrolment starts, we all agree that the conditions under the enrolment notice are correct. But over time, the family may need to make changes.

Changes to jobs, working hours or travel arrangements can all affect the entitlements linked to an enrolment.

But what happens when we need to make a change to the enrolment?

How To Address Changes in an Enrolment

The department is notified of an enrolment through an enrolment notice.

Providers are legally obliged to update an enrolment notice when things change within the enrolment or arrangement.

3 instances when an enrolment notice needs to be updated are:

  1. When the information is incorrect and an update is required (e.g. sessions of care or fees)

  2. When a change has been updated in the CWA

  3. When the arrangement or enrolment ends

How To Update An Enrolment Notice

Providers update an enrolment notice by updating the relevant information through the their software - in our case, through OWNA - to notify the department.

When the enrolment is updated, parents will be notified. Unlike creating an enrolment, the family don't have to confirm these changes, but they can dispute it if they believe the information isn't accurate.

If the enrolment update is disputed, CCS won't be paid during this time, so that can cause problems for families if the provider doesn't submit the correct information.

To recap, the process is as follows:

  1. Provider & Family talk about any potential changes to the enrolment

  2. Provider updates the enrolment notice through OWNA

  3. a) If the family agrees, they do nothing b) If the family disagrees, the enrolment notice is disputed & CCS stops until the matter is resolved

  4. The enrolment notice is up-to-date and CCS can continue to be given according to the new arrangement.

So if you need to update an enrolment, make sure everything is correct before you send it off.

When things change, you need a solution that supports you along the way.

Whether it's a simple platform to manage CCS, a super-responsive support team or transparent communication with different parties.

OWNA connects everyone in early childhood to the work they do, and helps you do the boring stuff in a fraction of the time.

Would you like to simplify your childcare management?

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