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What Is The Child Care Subsidy System?

You've probably heard Child Care Subsidy referred to as CCS.

And sometimes, you might hear about the CCSS. These aren't the same thing.

CCSS stands for Child Care Subsidy System, and it is the IT system used to administer CCS payments.

How Does the CCSS work?

The Child Care Subsidy System (CCSS) helps parents and providers communicate with the department - as well as each other - to work out the correct CCS payments.

The system holds all of the information about providers, families, enrolments and sessions. Each relevant party (providers, departments and families) updates the CCSS in different ways to keep information up-to-date.

How Providers Communicate with the CCSS

Providers communicate with the CCSS through Child Care Software (like OWNA), or the Provider Entry Portal (a limited government alternative to Chid Care Software).

These softwares are used to update the CCSS with up-to-date information on enrolments, sessions and fees.

The 3 main kinds of software that services can use are:

  • CCS Only: software that only deals with CCS

  • All-In-One: software that lets you manage CCS, along with everything else in your service (e.g. documentation, compliance etc.)

  • Hybrid: when a CCS Only software integrates with a third-party software

OWNA is an All-In-One solution, which is the most efficient for providers to manage their service.

How Families Communicate with the CCSS

Families, on the other hand, communicate with the CCSS through CentreLink or MyGov.

Their responsibility is to keep the department updated regarding their financial and work-related information, which affects how much CCS they're entitled to.

They also use CentreLink/MyGov to confirm enrolment information that has been submitted to the CCSS.

What Is PRODA?

The final component to the CCSS is PRODA.

This is the tool used to verify a person's digital identity and communicate with Childcare Software, the Provider Entry Portal and the CCSS.

In simple terms, it's the middle man that connects all of these systems.


The CCSS is a complicated, but it needs to be. Lots of money is held within the CCSS, and it needs to administer the correct amounts. By communicating with all parties within one system, we ensure that the right amount of subsidies goes to each family.

I hope this short guide has been helpful.

For more information on Child Care Subsidy, and the CCSS, check out The Complete Guide to CCS

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